10 Easy to Make Christmas Crafts for Adults

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Do you love winter and the Christmas season? Have you always wanted to make Christmas crafts but realized that most crafts are for kids and not adults? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This post will cover 10 of the best Christmas crafts for adults. From ornaments that you can put anywhere in your house to crafty decorations that your guests are sure to love, there’s sure to be something on this list that you’ll love.

So grab a few friends (or family members), take a seat, and get ready to make some easy yet fun Christmas crafts.

Best Christmas Crafts for Adults

Whether you’re making these fun crafts for Christmas gifts or to spruce up your house for the Christmas season, there’s sure to be something on this list for you.

Christmas Mailbox Décor

Christmas crafts for adults
Courtesy of This Ole Mom

If you’re looking for a cheap yet colorful craft to make that will spice up your house’s entrance, look no further than this mini Christmas mailbox décor! All you need to do is head over to your local dollar store and pick up some tiny tin mailboxes to get started.

On top of the mini mailbox, you’ll also want to prepare some glue, paint, a bow, and a round wooden disk. Once you’ve all the necessary materials, start by painting and decorating the tin mailbox. Then, while your mailbox is drying, take some red paint and thoroughly cover your round wooden disk. Finally, take your mailbox and glue it to the round wooden disk (and decorate to your hearts desires).

Button Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas crafts for adults: button tree ornament
Courtesy of DIY Network

This ornament is easy to make and an awesome addition to your stock set of Christmas ornaments. You don’t even need to leave your house to get all the necessary materials. All you need is some buttons of varying sizes and you’re good to go!

First, assemble your buttons and sort them by size (you’ll want to make sure that the smallest buttons go above the bigger ones to make a tree type shape). Then, grab a piece of string (filament or otherwise) and thread it through all your buttons. When you’re done with that, add any extra charms or ribbons and finish it by tying the piece of string off (to keep everything together).

Felt Standing Gnomes

Christmas crafts for adults; gnomes
Courtesy of Parties with a Cause

These handmade felt standing gnomes are the perfect decoration for your house this Christmas. Though they look extremely cute, this craft really does fall under “Christmas crafts for adults” category. There are lots of materials required and the creation process isn’t exactly easy.

Here’s a list of everything you’ll need to get started: crew socks, shaggy fabric fur (for the beards), homespun yarn, crafting felt sheets, wooden balls, rice, polyfil stuffing, glue, rubberbands, scissors, and hat and beard patterns (optional).

Needless to say, attempting to make these felt standing gnomes will be a craft project for the holidays. Whether they are worth it or not is up to you to decide!

Personal Christmas Stocking

Christmas crafts for adults; DIY Christmas stockings
Courtesy of Diary of a Quilter

You know them, you love them. Every Christmas morning you’d rush to the fireplace to see if Santa had left any gifts in your stockings. If you had siblings, you probably took a peek inside their stockings too to see if you got were favored by Santa or not 😉

Needless to say Christmas stockings are a staple of the holidays but that doesn’t mean you need to go out of your way to buy them. Crafting them might actually be easier than you think!

To get started, you’ll need some felt fabric, lining fabric, scissors, tape, pins, an iron and potentially a sewing machine (if you want to get really fancy with it). These stockings can serve as great decorations in your own home or awesome gifts to your family members when the holiday season finally rolls around.

Yarn Ball Ornaments

Christmas crafts for adults; yarn ball ornaments
Courtesy of Mommy Potamus

This craft idea is simple yet extremely effective for providing more flavor to your Christmas trees.

There are two main ways to make them. One involves using balloons to make clear yarn ornaments like you see above and the other involves a white foam sphere to make yarn ball ornaments. Either way, you’ll need a hot glue gun, lightweight yarn, and wooden skewers.

For an awesome way to use up old craft supplies are bring your Christmas tree to life, check out these yarn ball ornaments!

Mason Jar Snowman

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Courtesy of Canary Street Crafts

Everybody has mason jars lying around at home. Why not put them to good festive use by creating these cute mason jar snowmen?

To get started you’ll need a mason jar, some acrylic paint, fake snow, some buttons, a little hat, and a bit of colorful fabric. Just fill your mason jar and plastic ornament with fake snow, put them on top of each other, paint on the snowman’s face, top it off with a hat and scarf and you’re done!

Mini Gold Leaf Christmas Trees

gold leaf table trees 1024x683 1
Courtesy of Sparkle Living Blog

Are you looking for a way to take some leftover scrap and turn it into a fancy Christmas decoration? If so, you’ll love these cute gold leaf Christmas trees.

All you’ll need are four things: cardboard cones, imitation gold leaf, acrylic paint, and adhesive (or glue). Each cone is painted with a layer of white acrylic paint with a foam brush. Then, once the cones are coated in white, spray each with the adhesive. Finally, just rub on the imitation gold leaf (and rub off spots that aren’t sticking).

These gold leaf Christmas trees are simple yet beautiful and you can display them on the dinner table, in the living room, or wherever you’d like.

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

Christmas crafts for adults; gingerbread house advent calendar
Courtesy of The Ginger Home

At first glance, you might think that this craft is extremely complicated and tough to make (after all, how are you supposed to go about creating all those gingerbread houses). But, rest assured, this gingerbread house advent calendar is so simple that even kids can make it.

The first step is to go online and find some foldable gingerbread house templates. From there, you’ll want to print them out (as many copies as you want days in your calendar) onto cardstock. Then, cut out the designs and fold them up into little houses. From there, all that’s left is to fill the houses with candy (or whatever you want) and to put little numbers on them.

Massive Christmas lights

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Courtesy of Sugar & Cloth

Do you love Christmas garland but find that the usual designs are too boring? Are you ready to step up your game and really be unique this holiday season? If so, you’ll love this “go big or go home” Christmas light craft!

What you’ll need: a lot of spray paint, pom poms to decorate your wreath with, wooden squares, wooden rings, wooden ovals, a drill, and ribbon.

Once you’re done creating these Christmas lights, string them up by your front door and watch as all your neighbors get jealous of your creative design.

Minimalist Wreath

Christmas crafts for adults; minimalist wreath
Courtesy of Shifting Roots

Let’s say you don’t want to spend the time and energy to make the massive Christmas lights and prefer your wreaths a little more simple. There’s an excellent option for that too! These minimalist wreaths are pretty, easy to make, and sure to brighten your house with the Christmas spirit.

All you’ll need is a gold hoop (or embroidery hoop), a ribbon, some tape, some fake cranberries or other winter items, and cuttings of green plants.

Once you’re done assembling this fun craft, you’ll have a merry holiday ornament to spruce up your house. The greenery will last for about two months if not watered and about longer if you consistently mist it. Be sure to add these minimalist wreaths to your list of Christmas gift ideas as family and friends are sure to love them!

Recap: Best Christmas Crafts for Adults

When it comes to the best Christmas crafts for adults, they need to be festive, look beautiful, yet be easy enough to make that it’s still fun. All ten of the crafts on this list check these criteria!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a lover of the holidays, pick some of these crafts and get started! Your house will be more festive, you’ll have a blast, and you might even be able to sell some of these Christmas crafts for profit!