15 Fun Art Ideas To Try Out

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Art projects are one of the easiest ways to relax and enjoy yourself when you have some free time. Whether it’s crayons, chalk, cardboard, or washi, there are tons of mediums for you to experiment with and use. Sometimes, it can even feel like there are too many choices and it can be difficult to pick one to go with.

If you’re paralyzed by all the choices in front of you, this post can help with a list of 15 fun art ideas to try out. Don’t be afraid to let your creative side show and mix and match the various ideas listed below.

1. Watercolor Painting

A watercolor painting is a piece of art that uses liquid watercolors or gouache and other mediums. The paint used in these pieces can be applied wet on wet, giving them a unique feel. With watercolor, you’re not limited to using oil paint on canvases but can produce works of art on any surface, including objects, textiles, and clothing! When painting, “watercolor” can also refer to various non-water-soluble materials like ink or pastel.

Painting with watercolors is simple to master and can be a relaxing, meditative experience. It’s a great way to get away from everything and relax while creating some pleasant art. It’s also a cost-effective approach for adults to reintroduce themselves to fine painting without spending a bunch on supplies.

2. Drawing

Drawing is one of the major forms of visual art, generally represented by two-dimensional works (such as murals), but three-dimensional works (such as pottery) can also be drawn. This art form is great for exploring the imagination, and anyone can get their hands on a pencil and paper! You can draw anything you like, from nature scenes to people, cartoons and even cute animals. Try using a ruler or stencils if you’d like to be more accurate or need some help with ideas.

3. Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is a technique in which pigments are suspended in an acrylic polymer emulsion aqueous media. An airbrush or an acrylic paintbrush are typically used to apply the medium to the support. This is when you use acrylic paints on canvas.

This is a technique for painting on wood using oil paints if you’re interested. The wood will be covered in gesso first. Gesso is a primer that turns into white paint when mixed with water. After that, you’ll paint over the gesso with a higher-grade acrylic paint that’s more opaque and long-lasting.

4. Embroidery

Embroidery comprises two main parts – counted thread and what is known as cut-work. Counted thread is a loose, interlocking chain of yarns. Called “weft” or “warp” threads, they are used to construct patterns made up of many small elements, usually called “floats. ” Cut-work is the interlacing of yarns (called “warp”) with embroidery scissors.

In cut-work, geometric patterns are formed by altering the length and direction of the yarns. The term is applied to both hand and machine sewing, although this process is done by a chain stitch mechanism rather than manually in a mechanical sewing machine. Blending or working around difficult or inconvenient pieces of fabric such as seams or darts can also be achieved by using cut-work techniques.

5. Clay

Clay is a non-crystalline, malleable substance. It’s made by mixing a solid ingredient with water, rolling it into a mold, then set it aside to harden. Clay and water are mixed to generate a wet mass, used to make ceramics. The moist material is patted or smeared To eliminate the surplus water. It’s then fired in a kiln, where the water evaporates and ceramic material is formed.

Clay can be made by mixing it with a binder, such as a grog (a sand-clay mixture), or without one. Clay can be used to make objects ranging in size, from artworks to basic household goods in their raw, unformed state or after being burnt.

6. Papercutting

Paper cutting is the art of cutting a design into a sheet of paper using scissors. Papercutting with regular household scissors is the most popular method, although it can also be done with specialist scissors-like craft shears or an x-acto knife.

Scrapbooking and cardmaking are primarily done with a few common tools. Scissors, a paper trimmer, and an x-acto knife are among the instruments available. The paper trimmer cuts paper around the edges to fit it into a specific space. However, because it can make a considerably cleaner line than scissors alone, the x-acto knife can be used for far cleaner cuts than scissors.

7. Sidewalk Art | Tape Resist Art

Sidewalk art/ tape resist art is the art of painting on a pre-treated surface, attaching tape to certain surface areas, and finally removing the tape to reveal the backdrop. Masking (painters) tape or packing (durable) tape are the most common types of tape utilized.

The procedure varies depending on the type of background you want to show through; for example, if you merely want to display the color of the paper behind your pattern rather than having any form of design, you only need one layer of paint. Another option is to paint a layer of color on your surface and then sketch through it to add details. The surface can also be painted in layers: because it is not permanent, you can use waterproof markers or colored pencils to paint over the top of your artwork.

8. Sculpture

The sculpture is a two-dimensional or three-dimensional work created by manipulating a medium using several different procedures, such as carving, which involves removing surplus material from clay, wax, wood, metal, or other materials. The sculpture also refers to the physical thing created by this process, particularly when it is a completed sculpture. Animal sculpture, human and animal shapes, and abstract sculpture are examples of different types of sculpture.

9. Adult Coloring Pages

The popularity of adult coloring pages has skyrocketed recently. A terrific method to unwind and enjoy some stress-free entertainment is through the use of these. It’s possible to get a wide variety of coloring sheets for adults. Intricate designs that you or your child would enjoy trying to replicate can be found in various styles. Online access to coloring books has also made them extremely popular. After years of coloring in schoolbooks, many young people now choose to relax and unwind by coloring in a real book.

10. Mixed Media Art

Scrapbook paper, paintbrushes, glue, and acrylic paints will be needed for this craft. It’s a great project for all ages because all ingredients are readily available and inexpensive. Your imagination will be your only genuine obstacle when working with mixed media art. To add texture and color, experiment with various paints and mediums, tear up magazines or fabric, and adhere objects to one another.

11. Collage

This is an easy art project that you can complete at home using any materials you have on hand. Layout your favorite colors of paper and glue various shapes onto them until you’re satisfied with the result – add some fun patterns if you wish! It will help you improve your hand-eye coordination and creativity while also providing a delightful adornment.

12. Paper Mache

Paper Mache is a fantastic art medium for young and not-so-young artists alike. You’re generating a huge mess by combining paper, water, and glue. The downside to this hobby is that it usually results in a massive mess, but it’s also a terrific method to create terrain for toy troops or other miniatures. You may also use your invention to construct various things, such as masks and other toys. However, you can paint the end product and display it in an art show.

13. Cards

A card is a rectangular piece of stiff paper that can be used for writing or printing on one side. It can, however, be created from a variety of materials in some situations.

To make your cards more fascinating, you can use paints and inks to adorn them or attach ornamental items. They are primarily used to communicate greetings and messages to one another.

14. Wax Carving

Wax carving is the process of carving a picture into a wax replica. The carved picture might be embossed or incorporated into the wax. Because of its malleability and permanence, wax is frequently used by sculptors. The sculptor carves into it with chisels, rasps, punches, pushers, or cutters in this process.

15. Mosaic

Mosaics is a type of art in which images and small bits of colored, frequently gemstones, are used to create a design or image. Art ideas can be built out of nearly any material, although they are most commonly made out of broken pieces of something once a single piece. It’s frequently utilized for decorating or to cover an area that can’t be decorated with anything else. Many artists use mosaics to add color and texture to their work, such as constructing wallpaper out of mosaic tiles.

Recap: Fun Art Ideas to Try Out

Art Ideas to Try Out

Arts and crafts are typically thought of to be as kids’ activities. However, as an adult, you can enjoy the benefits of art just the same.

This post has provided you with 15 fun art ideas to try out in your spare time. Whether it’s sculpting a block of clay, cutting out some origami, or even just doing some sidewalk art, you’re sure to find an activity on this list that you’ll enjoy.