How to Build An Easy Schedule

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You wake up feeling motivated. “This is my day! I’m going to get SO much stuff done!” You go through your morning routine swiftly ready to be productive. Then……. you waste the day away. For whatever reason, you can’t seem to get yourself to do anything. There always seems to be some sort of distraction. Be that the latest Instagram posts, your friends texting in the group chat, or you making food, you can’t seem to find any time to do stuff. And so the cycle repeats and you’re left feeling perpetually frustrated.

If this sounds even a little bit like you, I have the perfect remedy. It’s called… scheduling!

Scheduling is one of the most important skills to have in the 21st century. Nowadays with social media addiction at its peak, it’s more important than ever to be deliberate about where to spend your time. “But I don’t want to spend time building an elaborate schedule!!!” That’s fine. I’ll show you how to build an easy schedule in this post.

To take charge of your time, and hence your life, you need to learn how to schedule.

How to Build a Schedule

When you think of “schedule,” something like this might pop into your mind…

The 16 Best Free Work Schedule Maker Tools In 2021 | Sling; How to Build An Easy Schedule
How to Build An Easy Schedule

But an effective schedule doesn’t need to be that complicated. You just need to understand it enough that you can follow it.

Here’s two stupid simple ways to build a schedule.

The Reminders

This method of scheduling is my personal favorite. All iPhones have a reminders app (and I’m sure most Samsungs do as well), but if you don’t have one there’s a million out there that you can download.

Once you have the reminders app ready to go, all you need to do is….. put your tasks into your reminders! It’s that simple!

Here’s a reminder I set for my daily reading night with the family:

How to Build An Easy Schedule
How to Build An Easy Schedule

It says what the event/task is, what time it’s happening, and reminds me 15 minutes ahead of time.

Now this is only one event, but if you input this for every event you know will occur, you’ll have a simple but fully functioning schedule. It’ll remind you 15 or 30 or 45 minutes ahead of time that you need to do something and you’ll immediately see it on your phone when you check. And if you’re super disciplined and don’t check your phone, you can make it so that your reminders app makes a little sound or buzz to remind you that you need to do something.

The reminders app is a super easy was to build a schedule that functionally works. The only downside is if you need to make plans with multiple people. This reminders method is mainly for single person use only. Which brings us to the second method of building a schedule…

The Calendar

Used most in the professional world, the calendar is a powerful tool that you can (and should) use to schedule your life. And when I say calendar, I absolutely do not mean this…

15,401 Old Calendar Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock; How to Build An Easy Schedule
How to Build An Easy Schedule

But instead I mean this…

A Full Review of Google Calendar and Its Features

or this…

Using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar - YouTube

or this…

Arrivy & Calendly - Arrivy Documentation; How to Build An Easy Schedule

Virtual calendars which you can schedule events in and ALSO where you can collaborate with other people.

If you’ve never used this before, here’s how it works.

  • Go to your calendar (if you have a google account it will be Google Calendars and if you have an Outlook account it will be Outlook Calendar)
  • Click “new event” or “create”
  • Name your event and set a time for it
  • Invite whomever you’d like to also attend the event / be reminded of it
  • Hit save!

And then you’re done! The benefits of building a schedule in a virtual calendar is that it’s a lot more accessible for other people. PLUS, it’s a great visualization for the time you have in the day (and how you’re spending it).

Consistency is Key

It really doesn’t matter what you choose, but THAT you choose. On top of that, it’s also important that you stick to it.

A schedule is only as powerful as your willingness to follow it. You can make the most beautiful schedule out there, but if you choose to eat ice cream when you’re schedule says to workout… you’re not going to make much progress. Luckily you just have to stick to your schedule for a little while. Then the momentum will carry you forward.

It’s much harder to break a streak of 100 days of following your schedule than to break a brand new scheduling attempt.

Some Apps You Can Use

The apps and tools that were mentioned in this post are:

  • iPhone’s built in scheduler
  • Samsung’s built in scheduler
  • Google Calendar
  • Outlook Calendar
  • Calendly

Some other great applications to check out are:

  • Hubspot
  • SimplyBook
  • GenBook

Feel free to drop in the comments which scheduling tools you use!

Start Taking Charge of Your Life!

With more and more distractions in the 21st century than every before, it’s critical to manage your time. One of the best ways to do that is through building a schedule.

In this post we covered how to build an easy schedule in 2 different ways:

  1. The reminders way
  2. The calendar way

For simplicity and personal use, stick with the reminders. But for visual aid and integration with your team, I recommend using a calendar.

Now you know how to build a simple schedule which you can stick to… what are you waiting for? Start scheduling to start taking charge of your life!

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