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Happy New Year everyone and welcome to my thirteenth month blogging!

If you haven’t come to one of my recap posts before, these are basically where I give an update of what I’ve been doing the past month, and also spill all the stats of the blog. I do this for two main reasons:

  1. Because it keeps me accountable and motivated to keep putting in the work. (It’s a lot easier to slack off if you know that nobody is tracking your progress along with you).
  2. Because when I first started blogging, I was extremely curious about what other bloggers’ journeys looked like, but there was unfortunately nowhere that I could really find out. I hope that for any new aspiring bloggers, Financial Pupil will serve as a place that you can consistently pop in and get honest stats about my blogging journey.

I’m really excited about sharing the info for this month as it’s the first time we’ve really experienced “exponential growth“. Let’s get right into it!

Recap of My Thirteenth Month Blogging

For me, December 2021 was really a month of transition. As I entered the month, I went back to school from reading week and started studying for exams. After exams rounded up around the 20th, it was time for me to get back home for good! As I settled in with my family in Canada, I experienced a few transitions:

  • Transitioning from school life to home life.
  • Transitioning from friends at school to family at home.
  • AND, transitioning from academics to blogging work.

December has probably been my busiest month to date in terms of how much time and energy I’ve poured into the blog. From building backlinks, to syndicating content, to writing original content, there hasn’t been a day go by that I haven’t been either thinking about or doing blogging work.

I’m really grateful to all the mentors I have who have been pointing me in the right direction and encouraging me along my journey. Because of their support, I really know what I need to focus on and double down on (and don’t need to flail around wasting my efforts).

Financial Pupil has been consistently putting out original content two times a week, as well as syndicating relevant content from other sites! The stats for this month have blown my mind as I never thought I’d reach this level of traffic within two years of blogging (but again, it’s all thanks to the guidance I’ve received and partly due to some luck as well).

New Blogs Published in My Thirteenth Month Blogging

Because of the tons of guest posts on Financial Pupil and syndications, this section will be pared down to all the new ORIGINAL blogs published. Here’s all the original posts that have gone out in December 2021:

Some fan favorites were:

Feel free to check some of these posts out and let me know what you think!

Stats for Financial Pupil

The part that you all have been waiting for: the stats of Financial Pupil for the past month. We have been growing pretty consistently throughout the first year of blogging, but this month is when things REALLY took off. The increased traffic was super fun to watch and I’m definitely doubling down on the things that worked so that the site can continue to grow!

Here are Financial Pupil’s metrics from December 1 to December 31, 2021:

  • Visitors: 25,375
  • Pageviews: 33,826

My top sources of traffic were:

  • Direct traffic
  • Search engines
  • Referral traffic

Last month, we had around 6000 pageviews which means that we beat November 2021 by over 5 times!!! I still can’t quite believe it, but we’re going to continue putting out great content and use the momentum to our advantage!

I’m really excited to see the next phase of Financial Pupil unfold.

Thank You ALL!

None of this would be possible without the most important aspect of Financial Pupil: it’s readers!!! You guys are what keep the site alive and growing and we couldn’t have achieved any of the growth that we did without you… so thank you for your continued support (and if it’s your first time here, thank you for stopping by!)

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach me at financialpupil (at) gmail (dot) com. or head over to our contact page.

Here’s to another great month and more growth, cheers!

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