15 Bullet Journal Ideas for Students

What is bullet journaling? Put simply, it’s when you track items in your journal in a highly organized and efficient way (via bullets). Done right, it can be a great way to track important things like due dates and important deadlines.

If you have trouble staying organized for school or just want a fun hobby (that’s also aesthetically pleasing), then bullet journaling is perfect for you!

Need some ideas to get started? Not to worry: this post covers 15 of the best bullet journal ideas for students! Let’s dive right in.

Goal Setting Bullet journalling can make mundane tasks like goal setting fun and exciting again. College students and high school students alike can now reap the benefits of setting goals for themselves without having to suffer any of the boredom.

Semester Overview Let’s be real: a semester can seem like a longgg time. There are often so many things that happen in your school life and personal life that make you question whether you can even get through it all. That being said, using the bullet journal method to organize your semester can give you a clear sense of what needs to be done and when.

To-Do List The best way to create your to-do list is to use a bullet journal. You can use a daily log format (or daily spreads) to plan out each day for yourself. Or if you have big things that need to be done on a monthly basis, jot down your monthly tasks!

Class Schedule If you’re anything like me, you know how tough it is to keep track of all of your classes. There are simply too many different starting times and buildings to remember! This is where a bullet journal could be a great idea.

Morning Routine Study after study have shown that the way you start your day largely determines how you’ll feel and what you’ll do for the rest of it. Bullet journalling your morning routine and checking items off when you complete them can be a fun way to get your day started right.

Weekly Layout All you need is a pen / pencil, a ruler, and about 10 minutes of time, and you can create a neat little layout that can serve as a great place to jot down the main things you need to do throughout the week.

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