5 Ways to Earn Cash from Home

The key to financial freedom is making more than you spend, and then investing the difference. It’s really that simple. How quickly you achieve freedom depends solely on how much you’re making and how big of a percent you’re investing.

BUT, one major question that is rarely addressed is: “what if I don’t make ANY money?” If you fall into this boat, don’t worry.

Today I’ll be sharing 5 ways to make money from home. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or full-time worker, you can apply these in almost any circumstance.

In this post, I’ll briefly describe each “way”, list the pros and cons, and then list some websites which might help you get started.

Tutor Personally, I think that tutoring is one of the best (if not THE best) side hustle. Not only can you make good money, but you can also help people out. Plus, you can teach something that genuinely interests you.

Do Freelance Stuff (like writing) Freelance stuff might sound confusing, but it’s just when you work for yourself instead of a big company. Honestly, you can freelance almost ANYTHING nowadays. From guitar playing to writing to proofreading, there are needs which people want filled.

Take Photos You can take photos and sell them! This is actually a really neat idea for anyone who has an interest in photography. Not only will you improve your own skills, but you’ll probably make some money in the process too!

Sell Stuff! This method isn’t as powerful as the other methods because there’s only so much you can sell (before you run out of stuff). Still, it could be an effective way to make money in the short-run, AND if you’re really good at it, you could turn it into a flipping business.

Rent Out Stuff Renting stuff out is a great way to retain ownership of something, yet still be able to make money off it. ALSO, it has one MAJOR advantage over the other methods of making money (we’ll get into that in a bit).

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