How to Invest in Real Estate – 6 of the Most Common and Popular Strategie Story

Real estate investing is one of the most popular ways to grow wealth. It has provided investors with solid returns for decades and keeps new investors lining up to learn the ropes.

Real estate is generally much more stable than most other investment vehicles. Although crashes do occur, they are typically much more sluggish than a stock market crash.

Also, real estate introduces a beautiful tool investors have used for years to maximize their returns – leverage. The ability to leverage other people’s money in real estate is unmatched by any other investing strategy.

No matter which strategy you choose, success in real estate investing hinges on your ability to find profitable deals. This is especially true for active investing strategies such as flipping and long-term rentals.

The Fundamental Task of Real Estate – Finding Profitable Deal

If there were an abundance of great deals in plain view, everyone would be successful. However, finding the deals that will truly grow your wealth requires hard work and discipline.

Fix & Flipping Flipping houses is one of the first strategies people think about when considering real estate investing. Not only have people become fascinated with home renovations from TV shows and social media, but flipping follows the common investing philosophy of “buy low, sell high.”

One of the primary benefits of flipping houses is that it provides large chunks of capital. It is not unheard of for a flipper to make $60,000 on a flip. Fill your pipeline with a few of these each year, and you’ll be doing well!

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