6 Tips to Improve Your Golf Grip

One of the best ways to quickly improve your golf game without expending much effort is to make sure you have a proper golf grip.

An amateur player with a perfect golf grip will find it much easier to get their club face square at impact and improve their game than somebody with a poor golf grip.

This story will reveal six simple tips to help you get a consistent golf grip. Follow these and you’ll be sending the ball on your desired ball flight and playing better golf in no time.

Make Sure Your Hands Are Positioned Properly The first thing you’ll want to do to improve your golf grip is to grab a golf club and ensure that your hands are positioned correctly.

Get a Molded Grip Trainer These training grips are a great way to get used to the feeling of placing your hands on the club the right way.

Use a Marker on Your Grip Also, unlike the molded grip, this method of realignment is perfectly legal and can be used in and out of tournaments.

Aim For a Neutral Golf Grip Though many advanced players tinker around with their grip to achieve desired ball flights, as a beginner it’s best to start out with a neutral grip.

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Swipe Up for more Easy Ways to Improve Your Golf Grip