A Comprehensive School Supply List for Every Grade K – 12

With COVID getting better & students starting to attend school in person again, kids and parents alike need to start worrying about determining a school supply list for back-to-school shopping.

This story will provide a school supply list for every grade from kindergarten to college. From coloring crayons to TI-84 calculators.


School Supply List for Kindergarteners

Backpack, Hand Sanitizer, Water Bottle(s), Baby Wipes, Paper Towels, Change of Clothes, Pencil Box, Crayola Crayons and Pencil Crayons.


School Supply List for Elementary School Students

- #2 Pencils - Erasers - Sharpeners - Pencil Case - Notebooks - Dry erase markers - Highlighters - Crayons - Plastic Folders


School Supply List for High Schoolers

- #2 Pencils - Erasers - Sharpeners - Personal Calendar - White Out - Ballpoint Pens - Stapler - Lunchbox - Backpack


School Supply List for College Students

- Ballpoint Pens - Pencils - Highlighters - Pencil Cases - Notebooks - Folders - Binders - Notebook Paper - Planners - Calculators


How to Save Money on School Supplies

Set a Budget Setting a budget ahead of time will allow you to really consider the products you’re buying and help you keep costs within a reasonable range.


Some stores will offer special discounts to high school and college students depending on where you live and which school you attend.

Try to Get Student Discounts


Companies like Apple and Dell both have a student section on their website where you can browse around for deals and discounts.

Get Deals on Technology

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