Financial Advice: Who is Trustworthy and Who is a Swindle?

In this story, we will be uncovering who exactly you should and should NOT be taking financial advice from. From your parents to the bank, let’s reveal which people in this world are trustworthy, and which are swindles!

In this section, we will be listing an array of sources you may receive financial advice from.

Who to Take Financial Advice From

Most financial advice you hear isn’t going to be “absolutely 100% the best” or “this will bankrupt you immediately” kind of advice.

Probably the most influential source of financial advice, parents always hold a special place in our hearts.

Your Parent

Most parents genuinely want to see their kids succeed so the motive aspect shouldn’t be too concerning. That being said, most parents also don’t want their kids to embarrass them.

Your Friends / Colleague Whether or not you should take your friends’/colleagues financial advice is completely up to whether you picked good friends.

Financial Advisor Here’s where motive plays a pretty big factor.  A financial advisor’s motive is usually to sell you some kind of product.

Mentors / People Who are Actually Where You Want to Be This is the group of people who are actually where you want to be financially.