Funny Golf Jokes to Share During Your Round

Golf is undoubtedly a challenging game. Anybody who has ever played golf seriously can tell you that much.

It often leaves even the most emotionally disciplined people fuming and swearing after a lousy round. That’s why golf jokes are so important!

1. “What should you do if your golf round is interrupted by a storm of lightning? Walk around holding your 1-iron above your head because even Mother Nature can’t hit a 1-iron.”

“Why do golfers always carry a spare pair of trousers with them wherever they go? In case they one day get a hole in one.”

“Where can you find 100 doctors all at the same place on any given day? A golf course!”

““You spend way too much time thinking about golf! Do you even remember the day that we got married?,” said the wife. “Of course I do, honey! It was the exact same day I sank that 45-foot putt.””

“What’s the difference between a bad skydiver and a bad golfer? Bad golfers go, “Wack! Damn!” and bad skydivers go, “Damn! Whack!””

““Why couldn’t Cinderella play golf?” “Because she always runs away from the ball””

““I have a tip that will take five strokes off anyone’s golf game. It’s called an eraser.”” – Arnold Palmer

“What did one golf ball say to another golf ball. See you round.”

Golf: A 5-mile walk punctuated with disappointments

“Why do golfers hate cake? Because they might get a slice.”

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