How Many Golf Clubs Are in a Set?

If you’re just starting to to learn how to play golf, you may be confused by all the different rules and regulations. When can you touch a ball? What is a pin caddie?

Do you need to rake the bunker? What’s a handicap? These questions are all important, but perhaps one of the most crucial questions is “how many golf clubs are in a set?”

How Many Golf Clubs Are in a Set

We’ll cut right to the chase. According to most official golf governing bodies, the maximum number of golf clubs in a set is 14.

The Standard Golf Bag Set Up

Even though the cap is 14 clubs in a set, you can style your bag however you like. If you want to use 14 putters or 14 drivers to play, you can!

My Personal 14 Club Set Up

After 14 years of golfing (8 of which were competitive), I’ve finally crafted the perfect golf club set up for me. Now, these may not work for everyone as everyone swings differently, but feel free to take inspiration if something I mention below makes sense to you!

My Set Up

1 Taylormade SIM2 Driver – 1 Taylormade M2 Tour 3-wood – 7 Taylormade P760 irons (3-iron down to 9-iron) – 4 Wedges (variety of Taylormade models)

How Many Golf Clubs For You

One of the beautiful things about golf is how flexible you can be. Even though there’s a maximum number of golf clubs you can have, you can pick and choose what you want to have in your bag.

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