How Much is 5 Figure Salary

You’ve probably heard someone say that they “make five figures” or “make six figures” and wondered to yourself “how much is 5 figures?

I’ll cut right to the chase: a “figure” is simply a digit. Or rather, a figure is the number of numbers in the number.

How Much is 5 Figures? If someone makes 5 figures, they are making anything from $10,000 a year to $99,999 a year.

How Much is 6 Figures? (and more) If we apply the same thinking to 6 figures, we can determine that 6 figures is anything from 100,000 to 999,999.

Jobs That Pay Six Figures In case you’re curious, here are some well-known jobs that pay over six-figures in salary: – Chief Executive Officers (CEOs usually make over $100,000) – Hedge Fund Manager – Doctor

Where Do You Stand Compared to Society? This shows that if your household makes $23,000, you’re doing better than 25% of other Americans.

How to Get From 5 Figures to 6 Figures The key is to take on as many part-time money-making opportunities as you can, see which one sticks, and capitalize on it.