Here’s How to Get a Better Golf Swing Than Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler, currently ranked the number one golfer globally, proved all critics and naysayers wrong on Sunday by winning the 86th Masters.

Here are some tips to help you improve your golf swing. If you work on it enough, you could develop a better swing than Scottie!

Improve Your Golf Grip

Make sure you keep the club within your palm to provide better control and stability. A key to a proper grip is to have a light hold on the club.


In setting up correctly, you ensure that you limit your dispersion to that target. A great way to practice your body setup is with an alignment stick.

Ensure Proper Shoulder Rotation

Combining proper shoulder rotation with a connected body will create a more efficient backswing and better golf shots.

Keep Your Left Arm Connected

Pinching your shirt under your left arm will ensure that your left arm stays connected to your chest throughout your swing, increasing clubface control and consistency.

Get Good at One Shot

Trying to hit both draws & fades, especially with the driver, leads to double-crosses, causing you to lose countless shots as you hit balls into the trees, penalty areas, or worse.

Instead of trying to shape your shots, stick to what you’re good at it. For example, if you feel more comfortable hitting a draw, practice hitting draws and get good at it.

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