How To Make Money Without a Job: 16 Epic Ways!

Are you looking for an alternative way to make money outside of the 9 to 5? Whether you desperately want to quit your job or just want some extra income, you’ll find something on this list that suits your needs and interests.

According to a new report by Gallup Inc., only 30% of the U.S. workforce are engaged by their work, which means that 70% of Americans spend 35 or more hours a week doing something they aren’t passionate about!

This article explores making money without a job (or at least a “traditional” job). There are some great options to consider, from blogging to taking paid surveys to becoming a day trader. A few of the ideas we will cover are investments that can provide you with spendable cash flow.

Dividends are cash or stock payments made by companies to shareholders (usually quarterly). If you have a sum of money at your disposal, investing in dividend stocks is an excellent way to produce a (relatively) stable source of cash flow and spending money.

1. Invest in Dividend Stocks

You may have heard that real estate is a fantastic vehicle to build wealth. Well, you heard right. You just need to uncover a real estate strategy that works best for you. The approach you choose will determine how much effort is required.

2. Invest in Real Estate

By doing your taxes efficiently, you’re saving yourself money without putting in much work. In this way, you’re “making money” without a job! The approach to saving on taxes will differ depending on your situation. Namely, whether you work as a W2 employee or own a business will determine the difference.

3. Save on Taxes

The most reliable way to save money is to keep track of your earnings and spending. And as the adage says, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Poof! More money without a job! Why? It’s simple math. If you’re spending more than you earn, you aren’t actually making any money! You are just working for debt. And you certainly won’t have any cash to invest and help grow your nest egg.

4. Manage Your Finances

Another way to take advantage of cashback is through credit cards. I like cashback (instead of other rewards) from my credit cards because it’s completely flexible and easiest to access and use. If I want to use it for travel, I can, or if I want to put it in an investment account, no problem.

5. Get a Cashback Credit Card

Does your 9 to 5 job make you feel trapped? If you HATE the bureaucracy of a 9 to 5 and LOVE being in charge of your schedule, you can become a day trader of stocks, cryptocurrency, and options for both.

6. Become a Day Trader

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