How to Set and Achieve Effective Goals

Today you’ll learn how to craft a vision for your future, set goals that align with that vision, and achieve those goals. To take charge of your life right now, read on!

Imagine you’re climbing a ladder to reach the top of a wall. You motivate yourself and push yourself to climb faster and climb harder. Eventually, you reach the top of the wall triumphant.


You’ve made it… All of a sudden, a cold chill runs down your spine as you realize that all your hard work was for nothing. The ladder was placed on the wrong wall.

Having a vision enables you to work towards something which is worth your while. Something which enables you to look back and say “I’m happy with my decisions.”

These tiers are: – OutcomePerformanceProcess

OPP You Know Me

Outcome is something that you can’t control.  Performance goals are measurable things that can be worked towards.  Process is the only thing we can control.

When setting goals, you’ll want to follow the following criteria for the most effectiveness: – SpecificMeasurableAction-OrientedRealisticTime-boundSelf-determined

SMART(S) Goals

Set yourself too many goals and you’ll end up achieving none of them. The less goals you have, the better.

Less is More

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