Make Money Selling Clothes on eBay (2021)

Nowadays, making money is easier than ever before. There is an avenue for you to generate revenue almost regardless of what your interest is.

Important Things to Note

The first is to determine whether eBay is the right platform for you at all or if you should turn elsewhere. When it comes to online marketplaces for clothes, there are 3 big players: – eBay – Etsy – Poshmark

Things to Sell: Do’s and Don’ts

DO: – Search online for similar items selling on similar platforms. If your item is easily findable and in high demand, chances are there’s a market for it. – Research prices and make sure you’re targeting articles of clothing where are actually profitable for you.


– Go about and just buy whatever you find cute. Unlike your groceries, clothes that you can actually sell on eBay are NOT a dime a dozen, so you need to be careful about what you buy. – Just focus on unused items. There are plenty of clothing articles on the market that are lightly used but can still demand a very high price point.

Shooting Photos

Here are a few tips you’ll want to keep in mind for shooting flattering photos of your clothing items that will sell: - Make sure that the clothes don’t have any wrinkles or creases in them.   -– Take the photo in a clean area. Your piece of clothing might be worth a hundred dollars, but nobody is going to pay you that price if they see it in a messy room.

Craft Your Description

The final step in selling clothes on eBay to earn money is to craft an enticing title and description for your article of clothing.

Final Tips

-Pay attention to shipping costs. -Do multiple items at once. -Don’t be afraid to relist.

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