Poshmark vs. Thredup: Difference and Which is Better!

Poshmark and Thredup are both great services for when you want to get rid of old clothes and make a bit of money. Doing a deep dive into Poshmark vs Thredup will help you decide which one is best for you and which one you can take advantage of.

About Poshmark

Poshmark is a “second-hand style” e-commerce app (compatible with both Android and Apple) with over 70 million users across the USA, Canada, and Australia. Originally it started as a small boutique company selling women’s apparel. Nowadays, they offer clothing for women, men, kids, and even pets!

About Thredup

Founded in 2009, Thredup started as a marketplace for the reselling of women’s and kid’s clothes. On top of just offering just an e-commerce service, Thredup aims to reduce the carbon impact that the fashion industry has had on the planet.

Poshmark vs Thredup: The Difference

Poshmark 1. The process for selling on Poshmark can be tedious if you’re trying to get rid of large amounts of clothing. 2. You are the one responsible for almost all parts of the selling process. From taking pictures, to listing it on the app, to providing a short description, the whole process can take 10-15 minutes per item. Not a long time, but imagine if you had to do that for 100 pieces of clothing.

To promote your clothing items, you can take advantage of a few different tools: 

3. Closet Clear Out – on certain days, sellers drop the price of their items based on Poshmark’s criteria. This usually amounts to a few dollars of difference in shipping which is covered by Poshmark. 4. Bundle Discounts – sellers can provide discounts to buyers who purchase multiple pieces of their clothing at once. – Offers to Likers – sellers can make a discounted offer to people who “like” their item in-app.


In stark contrast to Poshmark’s, Thredup’s selling process is much more streamlined. Most of the work isn’t done by you and is instead outsourced to Thredup.

From there, everything is out of your hands. Thredup will take pictures of your items on body forms and do the advertising for you. 

– Make sure you list the right brand for your clothes (don’t mispell Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Gucci, Prada, Burberry, or Chanel) – Check and update the price of your clothes


Poshmark and Thredup are both great resell services for gently used clothing / second hand clothes that you don’t want to hand off to Goodwill. Unlike something like Etsy, these companies focus on clothing resale, and they both excel in their own categories.

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