The Best Student Discounts for 2022

If you’re a student, you know that living expenses can pile up really high, really quick. Rent is expensive. Food is expensive. Textbooks are expensive. Everything is expensive! The good news is that there are some strategies in place which students can take advantage of to ease their cost of living. One such strategy is using student discounts!

Best Student Discounts of 2021

When it comes to student discounts, a lot of different companies offer them. In fact, so many useful companies have student discounts that it’d be hard to talk about them without categorization.  For that reason, we’ve split up these student discounts into 5 different categories:

– Clothes – Technology – Travel – Cell phone plan – Miscellaneous/magazine


Here are a few places you can get a discount for clothing as a student:

1. Banana Republic  2. Club Monaco  3. Levi’s  4. Topshop  5. Champs Sports  6. Dockers


With more and more young adults using technology every year, tech companies have found it very profitable to target this demographic.

1. Adobe  2. Apple 3. Dell 4. Microsoft 5. Lenovo 6. Sony


Here are some of the best travel discounts available to you as a student:

1. Greyhound 2. Amtrak 3. Flixbus 4. Qatar Airways  5. Rail Europe 6. Coach USA

Cell Phone Plan

you’ll probably want to know what the cheapest plans are out there and what discounts are available to you.

1. AT&T  2. Verizon 3. Sprint 4. T-Mobile

Miscellaneous / Subscription

Here are the best student discounts on miscellaneous items and subscriptions:

– Amazon – Spotify, HULU, Showtime – General Motors College Discount – FedEx

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