Tutorial:  How to Open an Investment Account

Investing is one of the keys to preserving and building your wealth. The earlier you start, the longer your money has time to compound and the more it can potentially grow.

Filled with tons of tips along the way, this tutorial is aimed to be as comprehensive as possible. Let’s get into it!

Requirements - At least 18 years old - A valid SIN (social insurance number) or SSN - A bank account with more than 0 dollars in it - A phone and/or a computer

1. Choose Your Brokerage It is vitally important to choose the right brokerage if you are to have a smooth and successful investing journey.

2. Get Your Information Ready You’ll want to get a few things ready. Here they are: – Your SIN number – Information about where you live – Personal information (although I’d hope you know your own first and last name) – Banking information

3. Fill Out the Required Information Go to whichever brokerage you chose, visit their website, and fill out the information.

4. Deposit Money Once you’re all set up with an account, it’s time to deposit some money! For now, I would recommend only investing with what you can afford to lose.