Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

 Ways To Improve Your Golf Swing

When golfers scour the internet looking for the “perfect golf swing,” they’ll often find articles advocating for a swing fix that will lower their score substantially through longer drives and more precise iron shots.

What if I told you that these tips are empty promises? Sure, a tip could, every once in a while, provide a slight correction that will lead to marginally better swings and a better round. And, all but a few could work for the majority of swings. Furthermore, many articles generalize regardless of skill level.

In this post, we’ll have different sections suited for different players. However, don’t let it limit you! In fact, I encourage you to try out different ideas. See what works for you!

What Does a Golf Swing  Consist of?

The golf swing involves three main components: the backswing, downswing, and impact. In the backswing, you are loading up your swing to position the club in an effective position so you can hit the ball pure. In the downswing, you are transitioning the club towards impact. It culminates with impact, where you hopefully hit the ball far and straight.

The Fundamentals

The Grip

A key to a proper grip is to have a light grip. Intend to grip the club as if you were shaking a young child’s hand: light enough so that you don’t hurt them, but with the intention of a solid handshake.


In setting up correctly, you ensure that you limit your dispersion (how wide your misses are) to that target. A great way to practice your body setup is with an alignment stick like these.

Ensure Proper Shoulder Rotation

The most important advice I can offer for a better backswing is to make a full rotation! Golfers of all levels make this critical swing error, and in making sure that your left shoulder passes under your chin (or as close to it) on the way back, you maximize how much power you can hit the ball with.

It also improves consistency, as your shoulders do more work instead of smaller body parts, like your arms. Combining proper shoulder rotation with connected arms will create a more efficient backswing.

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