Who's The Best-Paid MLB Player?

Many argue that Major League Baseball (MLB) players make too much money. This sounds reasonable when teachers, doctors, police officers, and firefighters are all making a fraction of the salary of someone whose good at hitting a little round ball.

However, the best baseball players can make their organizations much more money. And wouldn’t you rather the employee get the big checks instead of the owners holding onto it?

Does salary determine value to a team? Or is a high salary detrimental to a team? What determines a player’s value to their team? Let’s dive in and see what factors determine a player’s salary and value to their teams.

Gerrit Cole,  New York Yankee

After being a relatively average pitcher for the first five years of his career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Gerrit Cole had two incredible seasons with the Houston Astros that turned into the largest contract in history for a pitcher. Salary: $36 million WAR: 1.7 $/WAR: $21.4 million Grade: C+

Jacob deGrom,  New York Mets

Jacob deGrom may have the best stuff in the game over the last eight years. deGromm won back-to-back Cy Young awards in 2018 and 2019 and had a historic 2021 season with a 1.08 ERA through 15 starts. Salary: $36 million WAR: 0.2 $/WAR: $180 million Grade: D

Trevor Bauer,  Los Angeles Dodger

Trevor Bauer is one of the most controversial players in baseball. Nobody doubts his outstanding talent on the mound. Technically, Bauer’s salary in 2022 is $0 since he’s not getting paid during his suspension. He is eligible to play again in 2024. Salary: $35.3 million WAR: 0.0 $/WAR: N/A Grade: F

Carlos Correa,  Minnesota Twins

Carlos Correa spent his first seven years in MLB for the Houston Astros before landing with the Minnesota Twins in 2022. Correa was part of Astros teams that made it to three World Series and won one in 2017. Salary: $35.1 million WAR: 2.4 $/WAR: $14.6 million Grade: B

Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals

After an incredible 2019 season helping the Nationals win a World Series, Stephen Strasburg has thrown a mere 31.1 innings over the past three seasons due to injury. Salary: $35 million WAR: -0.3 $/WAR: -116.6 million Grade: D

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